Act 6, Scene 21 (Walled In / Shakespeare)

This week on CURTAIN CALL Julie Clayton, Jerry Williams, Julinda Lewis & Susie Haubenstock discuss WALLED IN (Firehouse), then James Ricks (Quill Theatre) fills us in on all the changes for this summer’s Richmond Shakespeare Festival.

Act 6, Scene 20 (Porch Plays / Shanidar)

This week’s CURTAIN CALL looks at 2 unique theatrical collabs. Carol Piersol (Artistic Director, 5th Wall Theatre) tells us about the previous and upcoming Porch Plays. Then, co-directors Chelsea Burke & Austin Lewis discuss how writer Chandler Hubbard’s play SHANIDAR became…

Act 6, Scene 13 (A Triple Treat)

Sharalyn Garrard from Heritage Ensemble Theatre Company talks about their new world premiere, Anthony Cosby, Jr. preps us for his Prince tribute, & Cynthia Mitchell presents the new show from CAT’s Bifocals.

Act 6, Scene 12 (Krapp’s Last Tape & Bitter Earth)

This week on CURTAIN CALL, for the first time since October, our critics actually review 2 shows: Julinda Lewis, Susie Haubenstock, Claire Boswell and Jerry Williams discuss BITTER EARTH (Richmond Triangle Players) and KRAPP’S LAST TAPE (Firehouse Theatre).  #CurtainCall…