FAQ for the Theatre Alliance Panel

What is the Theatre Alliance Panel (TAP)?

It’s a group of theater patrons and enthusiasts that plays a crucial role in the nomination and selection of recipients of Richmond Theatre Critics Circle awards (“Artsies”). Their votes are included in determining Artsies nominations and they can have a voice (and possible vote) in the final selection of awards.

What’s required of TAP members?

In order to vote, TAP members must see 2/3 of the season’s eligible shows (as do critics). This includes any show that qualifies for reviews and runs more than 2 weekends.  This season, there were 58 eligible shows, which means current members must have seen at least 39 shows to vote. Members will be provided 2 complimentary tickets for each show.

Additionally, TAP members are expected to attend 3 administrative meetings a year:
– Meet and greet, orientation (August)
– Mid-season award consideration (February)
– Final award consideration (August)

What if I’ve worked on an eligible local production during the season?

If a member is involved in any creative capacity for any local production, that member will not be allowed to submit nominations in that category.
If their show ends up in the nominations, they will not be able to vote in that category.
If the show does NOT end up in the final nominations, they will be able to vote for the award.

How are the members chosen?

Representatives from the Theatre Alliance and the Critics Circle will review the applications.  For next season, a maximum of 10 TAP members will be selected (that’s actually only 6 new members, since the 4 current members will remain on the Panel).

The first show of the new season opens August 8, so we’ll be making the announcement before August 1.

What happens if I’m selected?

You’ll be notified via email and invited to the orientation meeting that will be held in August.  There, you’ll have a chance to meet all of the other TAP members and get more information about the process.

Click here to download Application for TAP Membership (a Word document). If you have additional questions, email Jerry Williams.