T minus one month

Almost exactly one month from now – the lord willing and the creek don’t rise – the curtain will be rising on the Seventh Annual RTCC Awards. You will want to be there. The fun and camaraderie of the theater/arts community coming together for this big event has only increased from year to year. Thanks to years of experience and an ever-growing list of support personnel, the so-called “theater prom” has grown from a rag-tag toss-off of a night to an excellently produced evening of fine entertainment.

It’s a little bit Tony Awards, a little bit Golden Globes and a lot of Richmond’s beautiful people in glamorous clothes. From what we’ve been told, many of the shows nominated for Best Musical will be doing big production numbers featuring almost every single cast member. It’ll be a night of pageantry and music and laughs and maybe just a smidge of raucousness thrown in for good measure.

From what we hear, the orchestra is nearly sold out already. But don’t worry: based on previous years, the balcony can be just as fun a place to hang out – maybe more so – than the downstairs. So don’t hold back – buy your tickets!

And just to be clear, even if you are performing in a production number, you’ll need to buy a ticket. But we keep the ticket prices low and, remember, every dollar we raise in admissions goes directly to the Theatre Artists Fund to support your fellow Richmond thespians.

Like they say on NPR, make the call now – 804-282-2620! And we’ll see you in a month!

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