Reasons 8, 9, and 10

Time flies and the 2014 RTCC Awards are now only 40 days away. Ticket sales are already heating up so it’s pretty much the perfect time to go ahead and reserve yours. All it takes is a call to the Virginia Rep box office – 804-282-2620.

Why should you make such a call? Well, here are the last 3 reasons in this particular top ten list.

image178. Sometimes the award presenters say very funny, very embarrassing or very profound things. Among the award presenters this year will be ALL of the acting award recipients from last year, everyone from relative newcomers like Maggie Bavolack and Kelsey Cordrey to long-time favorites like Nick Aliff, Molly Hood and Joe Pabst. Even out-of-towners like Duke Lafoon and Jody Ashworth will be making the trip to Richmond for the event. (Presenter and former out-of-towner Andrea Rivette is now a Richmond resident; I’d suggest she moved here just to be part of the Artsies but that’s probably a stretch.)

We’ll also be doing our small part to recognize the contribution of some of the ‘behind the scenes’ players in the local theater scene so you can look forward to appearances by a line-up of your favorite stage managers and a couple of the area’s prominent company board members. And of course, an interesting surprise or two.

9. At $15, a ticket to the Artsies is an amazing entertainment value. In between the glamour and glitz and general good times, you’ll see 5 of the best musicals of last season encapsulated in a rousing performance from each. And who knows what our co-hosts Debra Clinton and Jason Marks will cook up?image24

10. Thanks to the generous underwriting of the event by the Carpenter Foundation, all proceeds that come in from ticket sales go directly to the Theatre Artists Fund at the Community Foundation. Your attendance will support fellow artists and theater professionals that are in truly dire straits. It is certain to be a good time but, even more important, you can directly assist a friend, a coworker or even yourself by coming out for this unique annual event.

So that wraps up our top ten. But of course there are dozens of other good reasons to come out to the RTCC awards. In fact, I expect you’ll be hard pressed to think of a reason not to. So call the Virginia Rep box office and grab your tickets today!

All of us at the Critics Circle look forward to seeing you on October 19th!

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