Act 4, Scene 14

Julinda Lewis, Rich Griset, Susie Haubenstock & Jerry Williams talk about BROADWAY BOUND (VaRep at Hanover Tavern), AN ACT OF GOD (RTP) & PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Quill).

Act 4, Scene 13

Julinda Lewis, Rich Griset & Jerry Williams talk about SWEENEY TODD (TheatreLAB) and 2 solo shows: EVERY BRILLIANT THING (HATTheatre) and IN MY CHAIR (Cadence/Virginia Rep).

Act 4, Scene 12

All four Curtain Call reviewers will be on hand to discuss ONCE (Virginia Rep). Then Julinda Lewis & Jerry Williams talk about BECKY’S NEW CAR (CAT) and we feature an interview with Pamela Archer-Shaw about the upcoming show at Heritage…

Act 4, Scene 11

Julinda Lewis, Rich Griset and Jerry Williams talk about 3 shows: GOSPEL OEDIPUS (Firehouse), CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Swift Creek) and HUCK & TOM (Va Rep’s Children’s Theatre).

Act 4, Scene 10

Bruce Miller, longtime Artistic Director of Virginia Rep, tells us about his new position in Chesterfield. Julinda Lewis, Claire Boswell and Jerry Williams discuss RED VELVET (Quill Theatre) and TALK RADIO (5th Wall).

Act 4, Scene 9

James Nygrin (director) and Dale Leopold, (in the title role) discuss the world premiere of ROGER B. HEARD AND THE TIGHT 45 (a Free Jambalaya and HATTheatre co-production).

Act 4, Scene 8

This interview that was recorded with 2 of the creators of WRONG CHOPPED, which played at Firehouse in November. Dixon Cashwell and Connor Scully talk about mounting the show and where they want to take the theatrical experience.

Act 4, Scene 7

This week’s Curtain Call features Julinda Lewis, Rich Griset and Jerry Williams discussing A DOLL’S HOUSE (TheatreLAB) and THE GAME’S AFOOT(Hanover Tavern).

Act 4, Scene 6

Julinda Lewis, Claire Boswell, Rich Griset and Jerry Williams discussing 3 shows: SISTER ACT (VirginiaRep), A 1940s RADIO CHRISTMAS CAROL (Swift Creek Mill) and WHO’S HOLIDAY! (Richmond Triangle Players).

Act 4, Scene 5

Julinda Lewis and Jerry Williams review MR POPPER’S PENGUINS (VaRep’s Children’s Theatre) and LIVIN’ FAT (Heritage Ensemble Theatre).