One thought on “Act 4, Scene 11”

  1. Again, another conversation that you all could have had over dinner and drinks that should NOT HAVE BEEN BROADCAST. I grant you all everything in that you are entitled to your opinions. But you are supposed to be CRITICS. It’s one thing to just not enjoy a performance, or an interpretation of a role. Perfectly understandable and acceptable. THAT makes sense. But a sweeping dismissal of a performer’s ability to handle dramatic roles, and to impugn another’s looks (David Janosik not handsome–SERIOUSLY), and just send it out over the airwaves? Why? I mean just, WHY?
    Even the account of how Matt and David came to play the roles of Cyrano and Christian was rather flippant. Andy’s loss was devastating to the company, not to mention the entire theatre community, felt by even those who had barely met him , because they could see how the rest of us were reeling. We DEDICATED the show to Andy. And every performance is a labor of love to his memory. It would seem that a show about loving a person beyond their looks passed a couple of you by.

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