RTCC bylaws

Rules regarding productions for award consideration

For recognition as part of its annual awards, the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle will consider a theater production that meets the following criteria:
> The production is, as best as can be determined, a “professional” production, that is, all actors, directors and designers who work on the production are paid.
> The production has scheduled performances over at least two weekends on a stage located in the Richmond area.

The “Richmond area” is defined as including the city of Richmond, the city’s immediately adjacent counties and nearby cities such as Ashland, Hanover, Colonial Heights and Petersburg. Productions that run less than two weekends are considered theater “events” and will be considered for separate recognition at the discretion of the RTCC membership.

A production will be considered to be either a “play” or a “musical.” “Plays with musical performances” will generally be regarded as musicals, though final category determination will be by the vote of the RTCC membership. Listing of a professional musical director is a necessary, though not determining, factor in designating a production a “musical.”

A production that is considered to be exclusively targeted at school or youth audiences will be considered a “children’s show” and will be considered for separate recognition at the discretion of the RTCC members. A “family-friendly” show that encompasses school or youth audiences but does not seem exclusively targeted at children will be considered for general awards if it meets the criteria listed above.

Rules regarding membership

Members of the RTCC must have reviews appearing in print for an established for-profit media outlet or as broadcast for a radio, television or Internet media venture. Print reviews must have been subjected to an editor’s purview.

New members are generally accepted as provisional members, that is, they can participate in discussions related to the nomination and selection of award recipients but they cannot vote. After participation as a provisional member through one voting cycle, they can then participate as full members the following season.

For a member to vote on potential nominees or award recipients as part of the annual awards process, a member needs to have seen at least one-half of the productions that are under consideration for awards in the current season. For the 2012-13 season, the minimum number of productions required was 25. For the 2013-14 season and beyond, the proportion of productions required will rise to two-thirds.


Here’s a copy of our complete Bylaws: RTCC Bylaws 2018

Last Modified on March 15, 2018
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