2012: Songs performed

SONG: “We Are Descended” from Firehouse Theatre Project / Richmond CenterStage’s Dessa Rose
Performed by Desiree Roots, Stacey Cabaj, Nicholas Aliff, Durron Tyre, Katrinah Lewis, Stephanie Hill, Fran Coleman, Michael Hawke, Todd Patterson, Keydron Dunn, Alana Thomas, Laymetha Guy, Diana Carver, Emmanuel Wray

SONG: “An Easy Mark / Round and Round” from Richmond Triangle Players’ The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!) 
Performed by Lanaya Burnette, Jacquie O’Connor, Fernando Rivadineira, and Craig Smith

SONG: “Wouldn’t it be Lovely?” from Barksdale Theatre’s My Fair Lady
Performed by Stacey Cabaj, Durron Tyre, Russell Rowland, Michael Hawke, Jason Marks

SONG: “I’m Going Home / Time Warp” from Firehouse Theatre Project’s The Rocky Horror Show
Performed by Terence Sullivan, Joy Newsome, Nicholas Aliff, Maggie Horan, Michael Hawke, Matt Beyer, Katie Ford, Joe Winters, Katherine Wright, and Alexander Gerber

SONG: “Purple Summer” from Virginia Rep’s Spring Awakening
Performed by Oliver Houser, Ali Thibodeau, John Mincks, Christie Jackson, Daniel Cimo, Josh Marin, Richard Chan, Susan Sanford, Daniel Moore, Allison Gilman, Lucy Dacus, Gigi Galiffa, Owen Wingo, Kyle Cornell, D.J. Cummings, Erin Long, Elizabeth Wyld

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